A Dark and Alien Rose

Josephine Edgar, Author St. Martin's Press $18.95 (304p) ISBN 978-0-312-05843-2
The few interesting details in British author Edgar's ( Bright Young Things ) disappointing novel are canceled out by its idealized heroine, predictable plot and effusive, melodramatic tone. Shareen ``Rose'' Abderhazy is the illegitimate daughter of English baroness Charmian Abderhazy and one of her many Persian lovers. Charmian dies, leaving Monsieur Leon, an elderly couturier, as Rose's guardian. Shortly afterward Leon dies, too, and 14-year-old Rose is sent from the Riviera to London to live with his former wife and business partner, Margaret, who happens to be Charmian's twin sister and to have an illegitimate son, Tom Grimshaw, 10 years older than Rose. After being expensively and exclusively educated, clever, sexy, too-perfect Rose ambitiously sets about seducing her first love, Tom, in hopes of becoming the perfect rich wife. With the advent of the First World War, Tom holds off on marriage, but supposedly intelligent Rose persists, believing that sex will complete their love. Pregnant as Tom is reported first missing in action, then dead, Rose marries well-connected but obsessively jealous Alban Stoneberry to avoid scandal. All conflicts are resolved in a sickly sweet ending. (July)
Reviewed on: 07/01/1991
Release date: 07/01/1991
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