cover image Bleed a River Deep: An Inspector Devlin Mystery

Bleed a River Deep: An Inspector Devlin Mystery

Brian McGilloway, Minotaur, $24.99 (304p) ISBN 978-0-312-59947-8

In McGilloway's stellar third Inspector Devlin mystery (after 2009's Gallows Lane), the Garda inspector fails to prevent political activist Leon Bradley, whom Devlin knew as a kid, from taking a shot with a fake gun at Cathal Hagan, a former U.S. senator with Irish ties, who's the keynote speaker at the opening of the Orcas gold mine near Devlin's hometown of Lifford in the Borderlands. Despite getting suspended for two weeks, Devlin continues to sniff around both the mine and a bank heist he was investigating before Hagan's arrival in which an illegal Chechen immigrant was killed. With the reluctant help of Insp. Jim Hendry, his counterpart in the North, Devlin digs deeper into Bradley's life and the treacherous journey of illegal immigrants who hope to get a piece of the "Celtic Tiger." A rising star in the world of Irish crime fiction, McGilloway has created a doggedly persistent hero in Devlin. (Sept.)