cover image The Ambassador's Mission

The Ambassador's Mission

Trudi Canavan, Orbit, $25.99 (528p) ISBN 9780316037839

The first book in Australian writer Canavan's "Traitor Spy Trilogy" picks up some time after the Black Magician series, yet remains adventurous and accessible for new and old readers alike. Lorkin, the son of Sonea, Canavan's past protagonist, takes the lead in this series when he is drafted by Dannyl to join the new ambassador in tracking down books on the history of the land. Meanwhile, Cery, a thief, returns home to find his family massacred, possibly by the same mysterious figure currently killing his fellow thieves. Worse, all signs point to the murderer also being a rogue magician. Sonea too is concerned with the safety of her family, and for good reason, as Lorkin finds himself getting into trouble abroad, when an attempt on his life leads to his involvement with a group of rebels called Traitors. Canavan balances the plotlines on both fronts nicely, deftly mixing the internal politics of the magicians and the ambassadors with the street-level drama facing her grieving thief. (May)