cover image The Daughters

The Daughters

Joanna Philbin, Author Little, Brown/Poppy 16.99 (288p) ISBN 978-0-316-04900-9

The daughter of talk show host Regis Philbin tackles a topic that’s close to home in her predictably glam (think paparazzi chases, designer apparel, and Fashion Week appearances) but thoroughly enjoyable debut. This first book in a series about growing up with celebrity parents follows 14-year-old Lizzie (daughter of a supermodel), Hudson (daughter of a pop icon), and Carina (daughter of a media tycoon)—best friends who feel doomed to live in the oppressive shadow of their superstar parents. The other girls’ struggles are barely touched on (presumably to be explored in later books), as Lizzie’s adventures in “ugly modeling” (“using people who aren’t traditionally beautiful to sell products”) and the unanticipated side effects of her newfound popularity take center stage. Despite the potential for a contrived story, Philbin’s portrayal of the girls as down-to-earth overachievers who crave normalcy keeps the book in believable territory. Lizzie’s physical insecurities (given that her gorgeous mother has been called “walking proof of God”) and growth make her particularly relatable. Who knew? Stars’ daughters—they’re just like us. Ages 12–up. (May)