cover image Heir of Novron: 
Vol. 3 of the Riyria Revelations

Heir of Novron: Vol. 3 of the Riyria Revelations

Michael J. Sullivan. Orbit, $14.99 trade paper (960p) ISBN 978-0-316-18771-8

Sullivan’s third duology (after Theft of Swords and Rise of Empire) includes his originally self-published fifth novel, Wintertide, and a highly anticipated new one, Percepliquis. As figurehead Empress Modina plans a coup to reclaim her throne, the elves return to invade the realms of man after vanishing thousands of years before. Defeating them will require the magical Horn of Gylindora and the lost heir of the line of Novron. Mercenaries Hadrian Blackwater and Royce Melborn search for the Horn, joined by the “wizardess” princess Arista and the scholarly monk Myron. Death traps, magic, long-lost children, and real and decoy heirs abound. Sullivan is not a subtle writer, and the sudden romance between Hadrian and Arista is hastily tacked on, but he delivers a fun story with plenty of sword fighting and some genuine surprises. Agent: Teri Tobias Agency. (Jan.)