cover image The 500

The 500

Matthew Quirk. Little, Brown/Reagan Arthur, $25.99 (304p) ISBN 978-0-316-19862-2

Former Atlantic reporter Quirk’s engaging first novel transplants the milieu of Grisham’s The Firm to the world of political lobbyists. After being recruited by Washington’s leading consulting firm, the Davies Group, Harvard law student Mike Ford thinks he’s left behind his blue-collar upbringing. While lobbying policymakers for his new mentor, firm founder Henry Davies, Mike gains a taste of what it’s like to belong to America’s political elite and begins dating his beautiful and patrician colleague, Annie Clark. Mike’s work proves, however, to call less upon his political ideals than on criminal skills first acquired from his jailed con man father. As Mike ascends the Davies Group’s hierarchy, he gradually realizes that the firm conceals a sinister political conspiracy. Quirk supplies just enough characterization and journalistic detail of Washington, D.C., life to ground his story as he launches into a streamlined, gripping man-on-the-run thriller. 10-city author tour. Agent: Shawn Coyne, the Endeavor Agency. (June)