cover image Heaven’s Queen

Heaven’s Queen

Rachel Bach. Orbit, $15 trade paper (400p) ISBN 978-0-316-22112-2

What began for Deviana Morris as a simple high-risk security job has now dropped her into a galactic conflict between godlike forces, a struggle in which whole worlds die and humans are browbeaten into sacrificing the young psychic Maat in the name of the greater good. Devi herself is a pawn in this great game, carrier of a virus lethal to the shadowy “phantoms” invading our universe. Determined to end the war and bring Maat the freedom of death, Devi and her lover, Rupert, will have to defy their bosses and stage a daring jailbreak before the virus kills Devi. Bach brings the trilogy to a satisfactory conclusion, tying up the loose ends and providing cathartic resolutions for the various players. Fans of Fortune’s Pawn and Honor’s Knight will find this installment the last act they hoped for, the gratifying denouement that Bach has clearly been working toward all along. (Apr.)