cover image Getaway


Zoje Stage. Mulholland, $28 (368p) ISBN 978-0-316-24250-9

Novelist Imogen Blum, one of the principals in this satisfying if initially slow-moving psychological thriller from Stage (Wonderland), is feeling even more introverted and isolated than usual after witnessing a deadly shooting at her Pittsburgh synagogue. To get Imogen “out of her hermit’s cave,” her older sister, Beck, a doctor living in Arizona, proposes a weeklong backpacking trip in the Grand Canyon, like the ones they enjoyed in their youth. Beck invites their childhood friend Tilda Jimenez, whose appearance on American Idol and subsequent stardom as an influencer have led to a six-figure book deal, to join them. Imogen and Tilda, who parted ways in college, haven’t really spoken in 20 years. Tensions and long-repressed resentments flare as they face the dangers of the rocky trails. But their personal differences fade when they realize they’re being stalked and their lives depend on their resourcefulness, courage, and unity. Stage thrillingly describes the perils and the beauty of nature while providing sage advice for hikers. This works better as a tale of friendship and personal growth than a survival adventure. Agent: Claire Friedman, Inkwell Management and Stephen Barbara, Inkwell Management. (Aug.)