cover image Persepolis Rising: The Expanse, Book 7

Persepolis Rising: The Expanse, Book 7

James S.A. Corey. Orbit, $28 (560p) ISBN 978-0-316-33283-5

In the thrilling seventh chapter of Corey’s acclaimed (and Syfy-adapted) Expanse space opera series, an ambitious colony world with access to powerful alien technology threatens the ring gates that connect 1,300 human colonies to the Sol system. The Transport Union, led by ruthless President Drummer, wields its control of the ring gates—built by mysterious alien “protomolecules”—with arrogant authority. Then an advanced protomolocule-designed warship from the upstart Laconian empire takes over Medina Station, the hub of the ring network. The aging gunship Rocinante, captained by legendary James Holden and his doughty crew, is once again needed to help the Transport Union defend itself, but loyalties are tested as Rocinante’s crew must decide how far to trust Drummer and her agents. Meanwhile, newly minted Laconian captain Santiago Singh struggles to reconcile his own idealism and military discipline with his new role as governor of Medina Station and its rebellious population, even as a second advanced warship is sent ahead to threaten the Earth-Mars Coalition’s hard-won planets. Corey’s tense, tightly plotted story is stuffed to the brim with intrigue, action, awesome alien tech, multidimensional characters, and provocative ideas. (Dec.)