cover image Ghoster


Jason Arnopp. Orbit, $15.99 trade paper (496p) ISBN 978-0-316-36228-3

Arnopp (The Last Days of Jack Sparks) once again provides a magnificently twisted and utterly unnerving tale that taps the rawest of our collective fears about social media. When Kate Collins first saw Scott Palmer’s face on Tinder, she knew he was going to be unforgettable. Now, after a whirlwind romance, she is moving in with him. But two days before her arrival, Scott breaks all contact, and Kate arrives to find his flat utterly empty except for his smartphone. Bereft, furious, and desperate for the truth, Kate breaks all her own strict rules regarding social media and hacks into Scott’s phone. But rather than finding answers, Kate only unleashes more mysteries: strange phone calls that whisper chilling messages, gouges in the apartment’s door, and sightings that speak to a much deeper conspiracy than a simple disappearance. Arnopp uses a straightforward premise and rich sensory details to create a deceptively believable world before rocketing readers into a maelstrom of uncertainty and dread that is difficult to escape. Genuinely unsettling and oddly provocative, this is a weird and worthy addition to Arnopp’s growing canon. (Oct.)