cover image The Remaining: Aftermath

The Remaining: Aftermath

D.J. Molles. Orbit, $10 mass market (448p) ISBN 978-0-316-40417-4

Molles (The Remaining) continues the vigorously authored, formidable saga of army captain Lee Harden’s mission to restore civilization while survivors fight off hordes of savage zombie-like infected. Injured and overwhelmed, Harden barely managed to survive the first novel, but having been rescued, he is now on surer footing. Molles continues to supply Harden with enough depth to keep him from becoming a stock action character, but escalates both the intense combat and grim horror, as well as substantially expanding the cast of characters. Harden manages to get to his first bunker of cached supplies, a victory that is soon overshadowed by the increasingly disturbing tactical skills of the so-called zombies, the megalomaniacal leader of a band of predatory raiders, and some truly surprising betrayals. A cramped and claustrophobic hospital provides both a forbidding backdrop for a harrowing showdown, and an opportunity to stretch the story further into what should be an eagerly awaited sequel. (June)