cover image I’ll Meet You in Your Dreams

I’ll Meet You in Your Dreams

Jessica Young, illus. by Rafael López. Little, Brown, $17.99 (40p) ISBN 978-0-316-45328-8

In fanciful verse by Young, a parent promises to be present for every moment of a child’s life. López shifts back and forth between two brown-skinned parent-child pairs. “You’ll be an eagle and I’ll be a hawk,” begins a vertical spread depicting a striped-shirt-wearing brunette child and their red-dress-wearing guardian, both now sprouting wings. “We’ll be two stars twinkling bright,” starts another, showing a child with textured hair floating alongside their hat-wearing adult. As each child matures, cozy images give way to adventure; befitting the world of dreams, the humans shrink, expand, and fly, their ascents given space by vertical spreads. Fresh, bright spreads by López incorporate folk elements such as stylized leaves and flowers. As the children strike out on their own, the text nods to differing life paths, portraying one new adult pursuing their passion in music and one starting a family of their own, in a bedtime fantasy of love, possibility, and acceptance. Ages 4–8. [em](Mar.) [/em]