cover image Spiritual Politics: Changing the World from the Inside Out

Spiritual Politics: Changing the World from the Inside Out

Corinne McLaughlin. Ballantine Books, $23 (496pp) ISBN 978-0-345-36983-3

This is a fascinating and involving study of the cosmic, karmic and etheric dimensions of politics, world affairs and current events. Drawing from the great spiritual traditions, practices and practitioners, McLaughlin and Davidson, cofounders of the New Synthesis Think Tank and the Sirius Ecological Community, meticulously present the role of metaphysics in the political realm. Looking to ancient wisdom for answers to today's social, economic and environmental ills, they offer a new paradigm of transformational politics: making the political personal through spiritual practice and using this transformational paradigm to change the world from the inside out. (``We must transform ourselves if we intend to transform the world.'') In uniting politics with spirituality, the authors describe their concept of the Divine (including reincarnation and a transhuman ``Invisible Government'' of spiritual guides) in the solemn tone of scholarly reportage. Information-intensive and chock full of empowering suggestions, intriguing stories and uplifting examples of how individuals and groups can make an impact, this thought-provoking assemblage is an enriching, mind-opening book for seekers of spiritual wisdom and political solutions. (Aug.)