cover image Miss Kopp Investigates

Miss Kopp Investigates

Amy Stewart. Mariner, $15.99 trade paper (304p) ISBN 978-0-358-09311-4

Set in 1919, Stewart’s fascinating seventh Kopp Sisters novel (after Dear Miss Kopp) finds the three sisters—Constance, Norma, and Fleurette—back home in Paterson, N.J., for the funeral of their brother, Francis, who died suddenly, leaving behind his pregnant wife, Bessie, and two children. Francis also left a mountain of debt. The sisters determine to help Bessie financially, but how many salaries would the women have to earn to match that of a man? The focus is on Fleurette, the youngest and prettiest of the sisters, who becomes a professional co-respondent, posing for decorous photographs with married men, which will be used as evidence in their divorce proceedings. She befriends a client and embarks on the road to becoming an investigator. Readers expecting to jump immediately into a mystery are advised to be patient. The book’s main appeal is the edifying way Stewart makes clear the condition of women a century ago without getting maudlin. The ending points to an exciting new development in the Kopps’ crime fighting careers. Series fans will eagerly await the next installment. Agent: Michelle Tessler, Tessler Literary. (Sept.)