cover image Slime Shop

Slime Shop

Karina Garcia and Kevin Panetta, illus. by Niki Smith. Versify, $24.99 (208p) ISBN 978-0-35844-645-3; $15.99 paper ISBN 978-0-358-44644-6

Debut creator Garcia, Panetta (Archie & Katy Keene), and Smith (The Golden Hour) craft a loosely plotted, shenanigan-filled graphic novel about the secret lives of slime creations made by a trio of tweens. Sisters Bailey and Sophia and their friend Jayden—aspiring entrepreneurs—are preparing to enter a video contest sponsored by famous slime maker Aymee for a chance to sell their wares in her online store. When the group leaves the concoctions to rest over the weekend, the slimes come alive. A light green, churlish glob who calls himself Boris declares that they should destroy the tweens’ slime shop (“The kids are sending slimes off to who knows where! How do we know we’re not next?”). If the rest of the bouncy blobs hope to stop him, rose-colored Polly, banana-hued Karma, and their friends must find Mr. O, the enigmatic Original Slime. Smith employs a vibrant color palette and psychedelic tones to depict the slimes’ harebrained adventures. Inspired by Garcia’s popular YouTube channel, this goofy tale covers topics regarding creativity, entrepreneurial pursuits, and friendship. Slime recipes conclude. Bailey and Sophia are portrayed with brown skin; Jayden cues as Black. Ages 8–12. (Aug.)