cover image Lucky Bounce

Lucky Bounce

Cait Nary. Carina, $6.99 e-book (200p) ISBN 978-0-369-74738-9

Nary (Contract Season) delivers full-on wish fulfillment in this slight but very sweet queer sports romance. Elementary school gym teacher Zeke Boehm meets his “frequent fantasy fodder” Spencer McLeod, a winger on the Philadelphia Liberty NHL team, after the athlete’s daughter, Adeline, who the very private Spencer has kept a secret from the press, enrolls in his class. Zeke worries he “can’t be normal” around Spencer, his favorite player, but the guys bond as he helps Spencer practice to lead Adeline’s kindergarten class’s reading circle. When Zeke admits he is gay to Spencer, he’s confused by the athlete’s “inscrutable” response and misunderstands Spencer’s attempts at flirting—until a night at a bar allows the guys to share some intimacy while dancing. Their relationship soon heats up—but will it last? There’s no huge angst to keep them apart, but Zeke is asked to “keep things kind of quiet,” and he’s doubtful about what Spencer sees in him. The palpable connection between the intense Zeke and the reticent Spencer charms, especially when the guys pick out a dog together at a shelter, but the lack of third act conflict and the abrupt ending will leave some readers wanting more. Those who prefer light, fluffy tales, however, will finish this one with a smile. Agent: Deirdre Knight, Knight Agency. (Jan.)