cover image Magic and the Modern Girl

Magic and the Modern Girl

Mindy Klasky, Author . Red Dress Ink $13.95 (411p) ISBN 978-0-373-89577-9

Washington, D.C., reference librarian (and practicing witch) Jane Madison learns a lesson in love and spell casting in Klasky's lively latest (after Sorcery and the Single Girl ). After quitting the snobby Washington Coven, returning heroine Jane takes a vacation from casting spells . Six months later, she discovers her powers have vanished and her witchy paraphernalia has been destroyed. In a tizzy, Jane runs to Neko, her gay feline familiar, and Melissa White, her ever-sympathetic best friend, before seeking help from David Montrose, her sexy warder/protector and “astral bodyguard.” Before long, Jane's summoned a magical servant named Ariel to help restore her magical powers, but the enchantment backfires, leading Ariel to become an obsessed arts activist and an unlikely D.C. celebrity. Further complications put Jane's cat, grandmother and love life in danger. Klasky stirs in some winning romantic angst with charming Will Becker, an architect Jane dates while still pining for David. Though predictable, Klasky's whimsical flair make this a fun entry in a series still building momentum. (Oct.)