cover image The Hollow Kind

The Hollow Kind

Andy Davidson. MCD, $28 (448p) ISBN 978-0-374-53856-9

Davidson (The Boatman’s Daughter) delves once again into the underbelly of the American South in this haunting, atmospheric tale. In 1989, Nellie Gardner inherits the Georgia turpentine farm Redfern Hill from her estranged grandfather, August Redfern, and sees it as the perfect opportunity to escape her abusive marriage and make a new start with her 11-year-old son, Max. Upon arriving, however, Nellie and Max discover that Redfern Hill consists of acres of desolate pine forest and a crumbling farmhouse. Max is the first to notice something isn’t quite right with the property: the apparition of a young girl, odd scratching noises behind the walls, and things moving by themselves are just some of the supernatural incidents that occur around the house and cause the Gardners increasing concern. This timeline alternates with flashbacks to August’s own odd experiences with the farm, beginning in 1917 and slowly revealing the hidden history of Redfern Hill—and the ancient, restless evil that has lived in its grounds for decades. It’s up to Nellie to put an end to the property’s legacy of destruction. Davidson impresses with his chilling and immersive worldbuilding, effortlessly blending generational trauma with supernatural danger. The result is a harrowing novel that’s sure to please fans of gothic horror. Agent: Elizabeth Copps, Copps Literary. (Oct.)