cover image Cubicles


Camika C. Spencer, Author Villard Books $21.95 (272p) ISBN 978-0-375-50759-5

Set in the offices of a Dallas telephone company, Camika Spencer's dreary Cubicles stars three women who say things like ""I thanked her for voicing her issue with me."" Joyce, a jaded manager with a checkered past, is about to become a top executive. She no longer speaks to her old friend Margaret, whose failing health is exacerbated by troubles at home. Dedicated, diligent Faulkner is up for a promotion, but Joyce seems determined to break her spirit. Aside from some tawdry office politics power plays, gossip, sexual harassment there is no plot to speak of. Spencer (When All Hell Breaks Loose) lards every page with useless digressions, providing no fresh insights into ""corporate America."" 4-city author tour.