cover image Cry Justice

Cry Justice

Walter Sorrells, Author Avon Books $5.99 (0p) ISBN 978-0-380-78021-1

Another fictional serial killer on the loose in Atlanta is butchering attorneys in this latest from the author of Power of Attorney. And with each mutilated body, the murderer the media has dubbed ""Shakespeare"" leaves a card bearing one of those nasty (but inevitably very funny) attorney jokes. Garrett Brock, though, isn't laughing when he finds out he's next on this mad killer's list. As if he doesn't have enough to perplex and irritate him: he's being framed and is on the verge of being disbarred; his wife harangues him mercilessly; and his grandfather is, to put it politely, eccentric. Brock must untangle mysteries about justice and about friendship in this well-written story, which maintains tension by keeping readers slightly off balance from start to finish. (July)