cover image THE LIVING CHRIST: Jesus at Work in Today's World

THE LIVING CHRIST: Jesus at Work in Today's World

Harold Fickett, Author . Doubleday $22.95 (240p) ISBN 978-0-385-49586-8

This satisfying blend of first-class reporting and stirring inspirational writing has Texas-based journalist Fickett asking where Jesus can be found in contemporary culture. He looks beyond such obvious places as Sunday morning worship or the Jesus Seminar to discover Christ at work in the lives of men and women who are serving others at soup kitchens, orphanages and so on. He takes readers on a spiritual journey with six stops, from South Carolina to Mexico City to Iran, introducing a few special people who he feels manifest Christ's light. Ted Keller, a truckers' chaplain, helps lonely truck drivers find the companionship of Jesus. California visionary Barbara Matthias, a McDonald's worker to whom the Holy Family appears in ecstatic visions every day, is able to heal sick babies and pray estranged families back together. Lauran Bethell, a Baptist missionary in Thailand, helps rescue young girls from prostitution. In light of recent events, readers may find the last chapter, about three evangelical pastors recently martyred in Iran, "a story that involves the current conflict between Islamic fundamentalists and Christians," most captivating. In each chapter, Fickett, a self-described "Christian believer," uses the individual's story to meditate on a relevant slice of the life of Jesus. Jesus, like Keller, was a wayfarer, traveling dusty roads to spread his message; like Bethell, he was a liberator. Fickett's journalistic skill will satisfy readers' minds, and his musings on Christian service will warm their hearts. (Mar. 19)