The Story of Religion

Giulio Maestro, Author, Betsy Maestro, Author, Glulio Maestro, Illustrator Clarion Books $17 (48p) ISBN 978-0-395-62364-0
By beginning with humankind's earliest religious beliefs and ending with humanity's organization of these beliefs, the Maestros lead children on a whirlwind tour of the world's great religious traditions. They begin by pointing out that, despite the diversity of religious traditions, human questions about the creation of the world and the meaning of death are universal. They move from animistic beliefs of early tribal religions to the mythic religious structures of ancient Egyptian, Greek and Roman religions to the monotheism of Judaism, Christianity and Islam and the polytheism of Hinduism and Buddhism. The authors weave the beliefs, myths and practices of each religion into a narrative tapestry that, they believe, demonstrates the unity lying beneath the diversity of all religions as well as the dynamic character of these religious traditions in today's world. Included in the book are brief sections describing the sacred texts, festivals and holidays. There is also a short description of other religions, such as Zoroastriansim, that are not included in the book itself, and the Maestros list the various ways in which different religions express their own versions of the maxim ""All things you want people to do to you, do so to them."" Color drawings of the gods, founders and important practices of each religion, like a Hindu family offering a sacrifice at their home shrine, bring these religions to life. Ages 7-9. (Aug.)
Reviewed on: 07/29/1996
Release date: 08/01/1996
Genre: Children's
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