Always Beautiful

Kaylan Pickford, Author Putnam Publishing Group $19.95 (189p) ISBN 978-0-399-13018-2
""Women in mid-life must begin to enjoy and be proud of their looks and recognize their beauty in every dimension, including the physical,'' advises Pickford, a top fashion model who began her career at the age of 45. Her recommendations and instructions for keeping fit and beautiful are geared toward the middle-aged womansuggestions for caring for gray hair and keeping skin soft and wrinkle-free, plus a discussion of the pros and cons of face lifts, and diet tips for changing nutritional needsbut women young and old will benefit from her practical hints and fashion ideas. Pickford's approach will reassure even those who are most pessimistic about the prospect of growing older, and her words should be heeded by all: ""Unless we are willing to reject the commercially acceptable definition of beauty, we will go on undermining ourselves needlessly.'' First serial to Woman's Day. October 17
Reviewed on: 10/01/1985
Release date: 10/01/1985
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