cover image The Winner Within

The Winner Within

Pat Riley. Putnam, $22.95 (271pp) ISBN 978-0-399-13839-3

In the 1940s, mathematician John von Neumann developed ``game theories'' utilizing models taken from games of strategies and chance. In the 1980s, basketball coach Riley ( Showtime ) called on these ideas and others to craft his own theories about motivation, selfishness, teamwork, complacency, winning and ``choking'' that have lead to NBA championships and ``Coach of the Decade'' honors. Here he outlines his theories, and recounts his successes and infrequent failures with the Lakers and the Knicks in a superb, candid study. Yet Riley also maintains that his concepts work in large and small businesses. He provides vivid examples of how the ``winner within'' each of us can adapt his ideas to all types of team play, whether in the sports arena, in daily life, or in the marketplace. This book should have wide appeal among sports fans, coaches and people looking for realistic managerial practices useful to non-experts. (Sept.)