Just One More Question: Answers and Insights from a Psychic Medium

Yolana Bard, Author, Mark Bego, Author, Hans Holzer, Foreword by Putnam Publishing Group $23.95 (188p) ISBN 978-0-399-15309-9
Readers who believe in fortune-telling and the spirit world will be enthralled by Yolana's tales of helping the police, saving lives and converting nonbelievers with her knack for knowing the unknowable. These readers will gobble up the many stories about Max, Yolana's spirit guide, and get chills when they learn that Yolana once saw the devil: ""The room began to fill with fog and a face popped up in the mirror out of nowhere. It was definitely not human. The head was square-shaped, with blood-red eyes."" But there's plenty of fun for non-believers as well, such as in this description of the author's first husband: ""Marvin's father had a wooden arm that he would take off to beat Marvin with. ... Such abuse no doubt contributed to Marvin's mental instability."" But this book isn't just about Yolana's hardscrabble past (including her taste for Thunderbird wine); there's also plenty of advice-mostly about learning that money is not the root of happiness-and even a little psychic instruction. A lot of the ideas and stories in this book will strike readers as crazy, but Yolana comes off as likable and unaffected. And in the end, she tells readers, people are their own best psychics: ""The next time you have just one more question, take time out of your busy schedule to see if you can find the answer within yourself. I bet you'll find it was there all along.""
Reviewed on: 04/03/2006
Release date: 04/01/2006
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