The Flight of the Silvers

Daniel Price. Penguin/Blue Rider, $28.95 (608p) ISBN 978-0-399-16498-9

Marked from youth, six people are saved from the destruction of their world by the smugly superior Pelletiers, casually lethal superhumans from a distant future. Transported to a universe where history played out differently, the six “Silvers” are dumped into an isolationist but technologically advanced America. Each of them has some special power, such as super-speed or precognition; this makes them useful in the grand machinations of the Pelletiers, but marks them as targets for the government and an existential threat to the secretive Gothams. Then a seventh Silver appears: Evan Rander, a murderous stalker whose unique talent is his ability to rewind time. The first installment in the ambitiously titled Silvers Saga serves to introduce the cast and their situation, one part Crisis on Infinite Earths to one part Runaways, but little more. Price (Slick) has some talent with prose, but the “ends justify the means” moral structure, the largely unlovable characters, and the derivative plot are disappointing. Agent: Stu Miller, Stuart M. Miller Co. (Feb.)