cover image Fenway and Hattie

Fenway and Hattie

Victoria J. Coe. Putnam, $15.99 (176p) ISBN 978-0-399-17274-8

This perky, pet-centered tale, first in a planned series, takes readers inside the head of Fenway, an energetic and perpetually hopeful Jack Russell terrier with a deep love for food, intense hatred of squirrels, and undying adoration of his “small human,” Hattie. When the family moves from the city to the suburbs, the adjustment is hard for Fenway: there’s a slippery new “Wicked Floor” to traverse and a dog park without any dogs (i.e., the backyard). Worst of all, Hattie seems more interested in friends and softball than games of fetch. “Nothing can bring a short human back,” the dogs next door explain, but Fenway is determined not to lose Hattie, even if that means learning some new tricks. Coe, making her children’s book debut, describes the trauma of the move and Hattie growing up through the excitable dog’s eyes, nose, and playful vocabulary (thunder is “boom-kabooms” and Hattie’s parents are “Fetch Man” and “Food Lady”) turning Fenway’s everyday routines into a fun, fresh frolic that animal-loving kids are sure to enjoy. Ages 8–12. Agent: Marietta Zacker, Nancy Gallt Literary Agency. (Feb.)