cover image The Saints of Salvation

The Saints of Salvation

Peter Hamilton. Del Rey, $32 (528p) ISBN 978-0-399-17888-7

Hamilton concludes his Salvation Sequence trilogy (following Salvation Lost) with a rousing, action-packed space opera that further cements his reputation as a master of the genre. In the 23rd century, humanity faces an existential menace in the form of the Olyix aliens. Though the Earth and its colonies initially perceived the Olyix as benign, even trading energy sources for advanced alien technology, they’ve since realized the Olyix have embarked on a terrifying crusade. Following instructions they receive in a message sent from the future, the Olyix believe that to satisfy a deity they call the God at the End of Time they must capture thousands of humans and deliver them as sacrifices. As this installment opens, the Earth is under sustained attack from Olyix spaceships, whose bombardment of cities around the world has devastated Earth’s atmosphere, threatening to make the planet’s climate unlivable. The human resistance organizes a daring spy operation to infiltrate the enemy’s ship where abducted, cocooned humans are stored to be transported over millennia to the Olyix deity. Hamilton keeps the pages turning with riveting action and intrigue, making the hefty page count fly by. Fans will be thrilled to see this series go out on a high note. (Oct.)