Everyone Asked about You

Theodore Faro Gross, Author, Sheila W. Samton, Illustrator, Shelia White Samton, Illustrator Philomel Books $14.95 (32p) ISBN 978-0-399-21727-2
A somber-looking Nora Blue sits at a second-story window as her friend repeatedly entreats her to open the door. He tries to cajole her out of her solitude by telling her that, wherever he has been, ``everyone'' has been asking for her. He travels to school, to a baseball game and to more exotic locations, such as the top of Mt. Pike, the floor of the ocean and outer space. Along the way every creature he encounters--from the underwater tortoises to the Empress of Jupiter--does indeed inquire about Nora. But this doesn't satisfy her. Why, she asks, haven't these well-wishers come to her door? Their appearance, all at once, brings this somewhat monotonous tale to a colorful conclusion. Samton's fanciful, brilliantly hued pictures pep up Gross's rhymed text. Ages 4-8. (May)
Reviewed on: 03/31/1990
Release date: 04/01/1990
Genre: Children's
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