cover image The Accidental Abduction

The Accidental Abduction

Darcie Wilde . Berkeley, $7.99 mass market (336p) ISBN 978-0-425-26556-7

Wilde%E2%80%99s second Regency novel (after Lord of the Rakes) puts a delicious twist on the familiar abduction plot. Leannah Morehouse Wakefield, a young widow, is determined to stop her younger sister from marrying a most unsuitable man. When she learns they%E2%80%99ve headed to Gretna Green, she follows at breakneck speed. Believing that Leannah has lost control of the horses, Mr. Harry Rayburn gamely jumps on the carriage in hopes of saving her, and is taken along for the ride instead. When one of the horses loses a shoe, Harry and Leannah end up at a nearby inn, and Leannah impulsively accepts Harry%E2%80%99s precipitous proposal. The depths of their desire and the intensity of their emotions are the highlights of their romance, which is complicated by suspicion from family and friends about their abrupt nuptials. This scintillating and multifaceted historical will leave readers eager for more. (Sept.)