cover image CodeSpell


Kelly McCullough, . . Ace, $6.99 (274pp) ISBN 978-0-441-01603-7

In McCullough’s taut third book in the Ravirn series (after WebMage and Cybermancy ), Necessity, sentient creator of the mweb, has fallen victim to a virus, and all of reality is at stake. It’s up to sorcerer/hacker–cum–minor deity Ravirn, accompanied by his faithful familiar, Melchior (laptop and goblin in one) to save the day. Of the host of evildoers interested in controlling Necessity (and thereby reality), public enemy number one is Nemesis, who is likely partnered with Fate. Meanwhile, Ravirn’s ex, Cerice, is apparently working against him, and Ravirn finds his affections torn between Eris (a Discord) and Tisiphone (a Fury)—but can he trust either of them? A hint of cyberpunk, a dollop of Greek mythology and a sprinkle of techno-magic bake up into an airy genre mashup. Lots of fast-paced action and romantic angst up the ante as Ravirn faces down his formidable foes. (May)