cover image Bag Toys: Sex, Scandal, and the Death Mask Murder

Bag Toys: Sex, Scandal, and the Death Mask Murder

David France, Author Grand Central Publishing $30 (350p) ISBN 978-0-446-51606-8

In 1985 prominent New York art dealer Andrew Crispo was linked by police to the sadomasochistic torture and murder of fashion student Eigil Vesti. Bernard LeGeros, a gallery employee and personal associate of Crispo, received a life sentence after confessing he had killed Vesti on orders from his boss; Crispo was acquitted, although he spent three years in jail for tax evasion. France, author of a 1988 Vanity Fair article on the case, careens from Manhattan's seamy gay underground to the chic, money-driven art scene and social whirl in a scorching expose of brutal sex crimes and judicial negligence. He graphically tracks Crispo's plunge into cocaine abuse, drug trafficking and S&M torture. France endorses speculation that politically ambitious prosecutor Kenneth Gribetz failed to indict Crispo for Vesti's killing due to apprehension that the high-profile case was too uncertain. (June)