cover image The Gifted Gabaldn Sisters

The Gifted Gabaldn Sisters

Lorraine Lopez, . . Grand Central, $12.99 (326pp) ISBN 978-0-446-69921-1

Lopez's engaging novel chronicles how four sisters' lives are shaped by the early loss of their mother and their belief that they were granted magical abilities upon the death of an enigmatic loved one. Bette, the eldest Gabaldón sister, is a preteen in the late 1960s when Fermina, the family's beloved and very old housekeeper, dies, and Bette and her sister Loretta tell the younger girls, Rita and Sophia, that Fermina gave them all special powers. As the siblings grow up, they long for more information about the mysterious Fermina, particularly as their supposed talents continue to manifest: Bette is a preternaturally good liar; Loretta can heal animals; Rita can offhandedly hex people; and Sophia can make people laugh. The author skillfully writes from different points of view and teases out Fermina's background in a satisfying way as the sisters try to learn more about her story. Lopez establishes herself as an excellent storyteller with this multilayered tale of sisterhood, growing up, self-awareness and honoring history. (Oct.)