cover image The Fortune Quilt

The Fortune Quilt

Lani Diane Rich, . . NAL, $12.95 (262pp) ISBN 978-0-451-22027-1

This vibrant novel from Rich (The Comeback Kiss ) shows that chick lit can deal intelligently with fate, family issues and romantic relationships. Carly McKay, a 29-year-old TV producer in Tucson, Ariz., comes from a loving Catholic family—a great dad and two sisters—all of whom have been scarred by the wife and mom who abandoned them 17 years earlier. On assignment from Tucson Today , Carly travels to Bilby, a small town revitalized by a thriving artist community, to interview Brandywine Seaver, a hip psychic quilt maker. Brandy gives skeptical Carly a quilt and a reading, telling her that her mother's not dead and that "[e]verything's about to change." When her mother's shocking return confirms Brandy's reading and she also loses her job, an angry Carly returns to Bilby to give back the "Quilt of Evil." She ends up staying in order to reimagine her life, and in the process discovers new love and the courage to take charge of her destiny. (Mar.)