cover image Frostbound


Sharon Ashwood. Signet Eclipse, $7.99 mass market (384p) ISBN 978-0-451-23195-6

Ashwood's fourth Dark Forgotten paranormal (after Unchained) is fast paced and captivating. Talia Rostova is a vampire on the run from her powerful, deranged creator, living under the radar in fictional Fairview. When her cousin and roommate is murdered, she knows she was the intended target, while the authorities suspect her of the killing. Lore, the local hellhound Alpha and keeper of the peace, apprehends and hides Talia to determine her innocence. Fighting a mutual, forbidden cross-species attraction, they join forces to stop the killer. While Talia deals with her family wanting to kill her, Lore struggles to maintain control of his pack and protect the city. Their chemistry is immediate and undeniable, and the love scenes are scorching hot. With solid world building and fully realized supporting characters, this strong offering works equally well as a stand-alone or part of a series. (June)