cover image Cyber Shogun Revolution

Cyber Shogun Revolution

Peter Tieryas. Ace, $16 trade paper (352p) ISBN 978-0-451-49101-5

Tieryas’s fast-paced third novel set in an alternate contemporary United States of Japan (after Mecha Samurai Empire) teems with conspiracies, betrayal, and giant fighting robots called mechas. The Allied forces lost WWII, and now, in 2019, the U.S.J. is in turmoil following the assassination of its corrupt governor, a Nazi sympathizer. Mecha pilot Reiko Morikawa, a key player in the assassination plot, is tasked by the new governor with tracking down Bloody Mary, a legendary Nazi fighter and brutal terrorist, to determine her allegiance. Teaming up with intelligence agent Bishop Wakana, Reiko’s pursuit of Bloody Mary leads to conflicts with rogue mechas that play out in fun, bombastic battle scenes. Tieryas dives headfirst into the action, often at the expense of worldbuilding and character development; there are glimpses into the characters’ traumatic pasts and hints at the volatile state of the war-torn country, but the focus of this tightly plotted adventure remains primarily on the fighting. Though this novel works as a standalone, some familiarity with mecha mechanics is helpful. Series fans will be entertained. Agent: Judith Hansen, Hansen Literary Agency. (Mar.)