cover image WANDERLUST


Chris Dyer, . . Plume, $13 (288pp) ISBN 978-0-452-28379-4

Chick-lit scores a hit with this debut romantic comedy about the adventures of a fancy-free travel writer written entirely in the form of e-mails. How is sexy Kate Bogart ever going to find true love amid her whirlwind romantic entanglements and glamorous globe-trotting? There's the Portuguese bullfighter who's hot for her, the intriguing British former war journalist who may or may not be The One, and her ever-loving, New Age-y ex-husband hoping for another chance. Kate tries to enjoy her options, but ends up playing one lover off another and suffering the inevitable mixups and miscommunications that plague relationships conducted by e-mail. Meanwhile, she's tirelessly typing out versions of daily happenings to her mother (who's placing bets on Kate's sex life with the other ladies of her bingo circle); to her long-suffering best friend, Violet; and to her boss, Ted, the dyspeptic travel editor who gets booted out of the house by his wife's female lover. Kate stays conveniently ahead of her lovers' clutches and narrows the field to two devoted hunks while managing to write her travel articles (or at least get endless extensions) and bully Violet into continuing to take care of Kate's all-but-abandoned cat. How does she manage to have these adventures while spending so much time typing in hotels? The question remains unanswered, but readers will enjoy Kate's wisecracks and the clever plot twists in this virtual comedy of errors. (Feb.)