Kathleen Nance, Author . Love Spell $6.99 (372p) ISBN 978-0-505-52591-8

Slower and more serious than the previous book in Love Spell's futuristic adventure romance series (Susan Grant's The Legend of Banzai Maguire ), this entry centers on Canada, a nation that closed its borders to the outside world after being ravaged by disease. The year is 2176, and Canada, now stronger for its trials, is full of fresh clean air, high-tech sleds and (of course) Mounties. With her staunch adherence to the letter of the law, Day Daniels is one of those "stiff brim" Mounties. The only survivor of a plague-ridden community, Day finds solace in the steadiness of the Mountie way of life. But when her partner is murdered and traces of a new strain of smallpox are found on his body, Day must join forces with sexy Lian Firebird, a plague hunter, to stop what might be the next great epidemic. During their mission, Day and Lian find time to steam up the snow—quite literally—in love scenes that are heavy on inventiveness and frostbite potential. At the same time, Lian teaches Day that sometimes the law doesn't have all the answers. While this story doesn't possess the playful spirit or the sharp dialogue that marked its predecessor, and Nance's protagonists rarely crack a smile, its numerous adrenaline-laced chases and encounters will keep most readers entertained. Agent, Ashley Grayson Literary Agency. (May)

Forecast: Dorchester has been promoting this five-book series enthusiastically with advertising in the Romantic Times and a show-stopping entrance at the Romantic Times convention. Initial sales should be robust, especially if booksellers display the titles together.

Reviewed on: 04/26/2004
Release date: 05/01/2004
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