cover image All That Glittered

All That Glittered

Tony Turner, Author, Barbara Aria, Author Dutton Books $19.95 (0p) ISBN 978-0-525-24910-8

Turner, currently road manager for the Temptations, tells a sometimes appealing, occasionally tedious story about the glory years of Motown and his association with the Supremes, particularly the late Florence Ballard. At age 12, following a chance encounter with Ballard, Turner was drawn into the lives of the Supremes; for a youngster from Harlem, it was a godsend. He was accepted by the singers and their entourage, becoming a combination mascot and confidant. Unfortunately, much of the book is devoted to Diana Ross-bashing which, while shedding some light on the dynamics of the group and their eventual breakup, is gratuitously mean-spirited. Interesting trivia is included: the recordings of ``Love Child'' and ``Some Day We'll Be Together'' were done by Ross and session singers--the Supremes appeared only on the label. Coauthor Aria ( Misha ) wisely has allowed Turner's street-smart style to remain essentially untouched, which gives the book a fast-paced, vigorous tone. (Oct.)