cover image The Last Single Woman in America

The Last Single Woman in America

Cindy Guidry, . . Dutton, $24.95 (293pp) ISBN 978-0-525-95052-3

Realizing she is the only single woman during the bouquet toss at her friend's wedding, Guidry, a former Hollywood film executive, deems herself “The Last Single Woman in America.” Along with being 40-something and unwed, she had just lost her job and her boyfriend; however, she remains in good humor and believes that with “a handful of Dave Matthews CDs” she'll be okay. Guidry offers her view on men (feminism has encouraged women to be easy, therefore men no longer appreciate the value of women), the perks of knowledge (why take advanced yoga when you know all the moves in the beginning course) and her take on the Internet (the overconnected Web population is limiting face-to-face contact with such tools as Internet dating), all the while hurdling the obstacles facing single women. If 40 is the new 20, Guidry does a good job portraying this by exhibiting the maturity level of someone half her age, making it hard to believe her anecdotes. At one point, she attacks her mother at a dinner party by questioning whether she slept with a leprechaun to produce her son, Guidry's always lucky brother. While amusing, Guidry barely offers deeper insight than thoughts on bikini waxes and acupuncture sessions for her pet. (Feb.)