cover image All Necessary Force: 
A Pike Logan Thriller

All Necessary Force: A Pike Logan Thriller

Brad Taylor. Dutton, $25.95 (400p) ISBN 978-0-525-95262-6

In Taylor’s exciting second Pike Logan thriller (after 2011’s One Rough Man), Pike, who’s been mustered out as the leader of Taskforce, a secret unit authorized by the U.S. president to target terrorists, heads a civilian business designed to assist Taskforce activities worldwide. When U.S. intelligence operations pick up Internet chatter indicating that an attack on American soil is imminent, Pike gets back in the game. He turns for help to Jennifer Cahill, his girlfriend and business partner, who saved his life in the last book and under his tutelage tried out for Taskforce. The supporting cast includes such familiar types as the well-meaning president, the government traitor, the craven high-level government adviser, and an assortment of Middle Eastern terrorists, this time aided by Americans recruited from prisons. While some readers may find the terrorists’ U.S. targets insufficiently important, the high violence level and authentic military action put Taylor, a retired Delta Force officer, solidly in the ranks of such authors as Brad Thor and Vince Flynn. (Jan.)