cover image Fetch: How a Bad Dog Brought Me Home

Fetch: How a Bad Dog Brought Me Home

Nicole J. Georges. Mariner, $17.95 ISBN 978-0-544-57783-1

“Every dog manual will tell you not to pick the dog hiding at the back of the cage,” writes Georges (Calling Dr. Laura) in her second graphic memoir. Yet, in the midst of her own semi-feral childhood as a high school drop-out, Nicole adopts Beija, a mutt with an overly large shar-pei head, stubby legs, and a long dachshund body. Beija grows into a temperamental and challenging companion, with a hatred of men and a tendency to lunge at small children, and accompanies Nicole and her boyfriend to Portland, Ore., into a punk house full of underground musicians and artists. Fifteen years and many relationships later, Beija is still by Nicole’s side, having taught her the true definition of loyalty, love, and personal boundaries. Drawn in black and white with watercolor washes and elegant hand lettering, this book is an homage to classic zine aesthetics that captures an incomparable friendship. An honest, moving portrayal of the essential bond between humans and animals. Agent: Holly Bemiss, Susan Rabiner Literary Agency. (July)