cover image King Baby

King Baby

Kate Beaton. Scholastic/Levine, $17.99 (40p) ISBN 978-0-545-63754-1

Babies rule the house. If they could talk, therefore, they would speak the way kings and queens do. Once Beaton (The Princess and the Pony) establishes her Boss Baby–esque premise, she runs with it. “I am King Baby!” a swaddled egg of an infant announces; golden rays emanate from him, and a tiny crown perches on his head. “Yes, come!” he continues, addressing a line of adoring grandparents, friends, and relatives, ready to pay homage. “You have been waiting for me. I will give you many blessings, for King Baby is generous.” The young parents, their chests puffed out with pride, stand guard by the infant bed. Later, King Baby sits on a blanket, holding his arms out for toys on the right side of the page. “Ehh bpp,” says his speech balloon—it’s what his parents hear—but the text reveals his royal instructions: “Now. Bring me the thing.” It’s less a story than an extended riff, but Beaton offers a sly, hilarious dig at the way young parents bow to their child’s every desire. Ages 4–8. [em]Agent: Seth Fishman, Gernert Company. (Sept.) [/em]