cover image A Dark Inheritance

A Dark Inheritance

Chris d’Lacey, read by Raphael Corkhill. Scholastic Audio, , unabridged, six CDs, 6.5 hrs., $29.95 ISBN 978-0-545-67570-3

This is an adventure story, a mystery, a paranormal tale, and a coming-of-age story, and narrator Corkhill does a terrific job keeping all that straight in his reading of d’Lacey’s enthralling story. Young teen Michael has just discovered he has the ability to alter reality when he is recruited by Unicorne, a group that investigates paranormal activity. The strange leader of the group, a man named Klimt, hints that he may have information about Michael’s father’s disappearance three years earlier. Michael reluctantly joins Unicorne and begins an investigation that brings him closer to a goth girl classmate who may be more than she seems. Corkhill’s reading of the many characters is suitably varied. Michael and the other students in his class are believably young, and the Unicorne mastermind has a delightfully creepy and sinister, high-pitched German accent. Corkhill also convincingly portrays middle-aged women, random working-class cops, and a breathlessly sexy French woman. The book is filled with action, mystery, ghosts, robots, dragons, UFOs, murder, and preternatural powers, which all seem perfectly reasonable when Corkhill is reading. His posh accent anchors the story to reality and lets listeners suspend their disbelief and enjoy the whirlwind adventure. Ages 8–12. [em]A Scholastic hardcover. (June) [/em]