Searching for Paradise in Parker, PA

Kris Radish, Author . Bantam $22 (343p) ISBN 978-0-553-80530-7

Radish’s latest warm-fuzzy (after The Sunday List of Dreams ) tracks the troubled marriage of Lucky and Addy Lipton. Lucky’s Kingdom of Krap—the garage littered with dismantled appliances, an old car and every other project Lucky never finished—has brought Addy nearly to the breaking point in her stale marriage, but it’s the last straw when their planned trip to Costa Rica (with its possibilities for romantic rejuvenation) doesn’t happen. What ensues is a summer of separation, discovering personal desires and strong female friendships (it is, after all, a Radish book). As the summer gives way to fall, Lucky tries to win his wife back, while Addy is torn between living alone or giving the marriage another go. Girl-power readers will get a kick out of the hokey girl get-togethers, and women will surely connect with Radish’s empowered femmes. (Apr.)