Living with Dogs, Or, How Not to Be a Failed Dog Owner!

Sheila Hocken, Author Victor Gollancz $22.95 (128p) ISBN 978-0-575-03551-5
For much of her life, Hocken relied on the eyes and wits of Emma, a Labrador retriever trained as a guide for the blind. After an operation restored her sight in 1974, Hocken wrote a series of books about her life with Emma, demonstrating the bonds of loyalty that develop when dog and owner are trained to understand each other. In this British import, she applies her experiences with Emma to the acquisition and training of family pets. At first glance, some of Hocken's suggestions will strike all but the most enthusiastic dog lover as whimsical. Few readers may wish to emulate her surefire method of compelling dogs to come when called: roll around on the ground, bark and look like you're having a lovely time playing. But the theory behind her unorthodox advicethat the dog will understand you better if you imitate its behaviormay well open up new communications between some dogs and their owners. Hocken provides clear and simple instructions for basic commands, though her intent is to mold well-behaved house pets, not show dogs. She also gives instructions for selecting, feeding, housebreaking and caring for puppies. A particularly useful chapter is directed at owners of undisciplined older dogs. Black-and-white photos and doggie-humor cartoons illustrate the text. (December)
Reviewed on: 01/01/1985
Release date: 01/01/1985
Genre: Nonfiction
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