cover image Witches of Brooklyn (Witches of Brooklyn #1)

Witches of Brooklyn (Witches of Brooklyn #1)

Sophie Escabasse. Random House Graphic, $20.99 (240p) ISBN 978-0-593-11927-3

When 11-year-old Effie’s mother dies, she is given into the care of her elderly aunt Selimene and partner, Carlota, acupuncturists and herbalists living in Brooklyn. At first angry and hurt, Effie rails against the women but is soon won over by their big personalities and rambling home, visually detailed in satisfying bird’s-eye view cross-sections. Lucking into a pair of good friends on her first day of school, Effie is settling into her new life when her favorite pop star secretly comes to the house, looking for help. Through this arrival, Effie discovers that her aunts’ healing methods veer into the magical and begins to realize her own magical powers. Escabasse’s character design stands out, particularly wonderfully distinct faces and variously shaped bodies that populate a stylish, boldly colored world. Though initial exposition and character relationships feel rushed, each individual displays a unique personality, and the straightforward plot allows for a focus on evolving relationships. A warm story of found family and healing that stands on its own while setting the stage for further adventures. Ages 8–12. Agent: Kelly Sonnack, Andrea Brown Literary. (Sept.)