cover image Archangel’s Sun

Archangel’s Sun

Nalini Singh. Berkley, $7.99 mass market (368p) ISBN 978-0-593-19812-4

The war may be over, but the nightmare lingers on in Singh’s 13th Guild Hunter paranormal romance (following Archangel’s War). In the aftermath of devastating worldwide conflict, Titus, the charismatic and commanding Archangel of Africa, struggles to rebuild. That difficult task is made harder by the fact that his lands are still infested with creatures called the reborn, undead beings that feast on flesh and spread infectious disease. Finding and destroying their nests is priority one, but Titus’s resources are scarce and most other Archangels are preoccupied with postwar tasks of their own. So the Cadre send Titus an unlikely but invaluable helper in Lady Sharine, aka the Hummingbird, an artist known as much for her mental fragility as her work. Though Titus initially worries that the mere sound of his booming voice will terrify Sharine and send her swooning from the sky, Sharine turns out to be a happy warrior who flies solo, prefers pants and tunics to jewels and gowns, and throws herself into even the bloodiest work. Their unlikely alliance and perilous quest to eliminate the reborn keep the pages turning. Though series newcomers will struggle to get oriented, devoted readers will relish watching this charismatic and surprisingly playful partnership grow. Agent: Nephele Tempest, the Knight Agency. (Nov.)