cover image The Art of Getting Noticed (Bigfoot and Nessie #1)

The Art of Getting Noticed (Bigfoot and Nessie #1)

Chelsea M. Campbell, illus. by Laura Knetzger. Penguin Workshop, $12.99 (64p) ISBN 978-0-593-38572-2

Two cryptid creatures navigate the lure and perils of notoriety in this witty and whimsical graphic novel, the first in a series. Bigfoot Littletoe the Third, a sasquatch, is trying to continue his family’s tradition of photobombing tourists, but he hasn’t had much luck; in one instance, he fumbles, slipping into a river. When another attempt leads to him getting tangled in a camper’s tent, he meets Nessie, of Loch Ness fame, clad in scarf and sunglasses to avoid being recognized. Nessie suggests that “maybe the tourist photo scene isn’t for you,” and sets out to help Bigfoot find his calling. A psychedelically colorful montage shows the cryptid duo making sidewalk chalk murals, scuba diving, DJing, and scrapbooking, before Bigfoot realizes a knack for hedge sculpture, and his creations earn him acclaim from passersby. But with Bigfoot’s newfound fame comes increased scrutiny that threatens Nessie’s peaceful incognito existence. Campbell’s wink-and-a-nudge humor pairs with Knetzger’s rounded lines and adorable creatures to deliver a sincere story that explores friendship, social media exposure, and finding one’s niche. Ages 6–9. (Feb.)