cover image Mexikid


Pedro Martín. Dial, $24.99 (320p) ISBN 978-0-593-46228-7; $14.99 paper ISBN 978-0-593-46229-4

In this intergenerational graphic novel memoir, a solo debut adapted from a webcomic, Martín (Don’t Know Much About the Presidents) chronicles his 1970s childhood growing up as the seventh of nine children in a bustling Mexican American household. Tween Martín is having a tough time trying to overcome his insecurities surrounding his Mexican heritage; his older siblings, who were born in Mexico, often imply that U.S.-born Martín isn’t as Mexican as they are. When he learns that his abuelito will be moving into the Martíns’ already packed home—and that he and his family will be making the 2,000-mile-long journey from Watsonville, Calif., to Jalisco, Mexico to pick up Abuelito—he revels in the opportunity to connect with his heritage. Tense interactions with border guards, emotional tumult over bad haircuts, and other happenings ensue as the Martíns embark in this potent work. Equal parts hilarious and tear-jerking moments abound, rendered in a cartoon style with vibrant color palettes that shift depending on the sequence’s tone. This artistically inventive read, which teems with lively characters and emotion, is a joy to behold. Ages 10–14. Agent: Dan Lazar,Writers House. (Aug.)